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The often limited installation space was taken into account in the construction. Even if our machine is not tiny, it is one of the smaller dual-circuit machines and will not dominate a kitchen due to its expansive dimensions. The dimensions are kitchen-friendly and practical.

The machine is 27 cm wide, 35 cm high (without optional railing) and 43 cm deep. So that it also fits on worktops that are less deep, we have not placed the feet at the outer corners. The distance between the front and rear feet is therefore 26 cm. Due to the heavy weight, the machine is still stable and secure.

The distance between the brew group and the drip tray is 16 cm and with the portafilter clamped in, it is a good 11.5 cm. This means that many of the tall cappuccino cups fit comfortably underneath without tilting.

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