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Regular cleaning of the group is also important for the taste. Because it is necessary to remove the coffee fat that gradually settles in the brew head. Coffee oil can become rancid over time.

This is described in more detail in the manual (section 'Further Information'). At this point we recommend the mechanical cleaning described there.

But you can also backwash with coffee oil remover.


Limescale Filter

There are different limescale filters. An effective filter should be used consistently for hard water. There can be no general recommendations here. If the hardness of the water is 8 °dH (dGH), then you don't need a filter. At 14 °dH or more it is definitely recommended.

In principle, lime does not destroy a machine. However, the lime will have a negative effect on the heating performance, so that the machine may no longer become hot enough or take a long time to heat up. One day you will notice it in the taste of your favourite type of coffee that is getting worse and worse. In the worst case, the heater can also burn out.

If you operate the machine with hard water without a filter, you have to expect to descale it after 1 or 2 years. It is not enough to pour the descaler into the tank and rinse it through. We strongly advise against it. Proper decalcification means with this (and other machines): dismantling the boiler and pipes and then manually decalcifying, for example with citric acid.


The surface of the machine must not be cleaned with abrasive or aggressive agents. Glass cleaner has proven itself here. Warm water followed by dry wiping is often sufficient.

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