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If you have decided to buy a small machine park (espresso machine & grinder), then there are usually also wishes in terms of equipment and design. You can use the configurator on this website to adapt your machine very well in various ways to your wishes and circumstances. It starts with the scale of the pressure gauges and the colour of the signal lights, continues with the choice of the colour of the panels and ends with the electronics. The development and production was tailored to the individualisation of the machines and so we build all machines individually as desired.
Over the course of time, the options have been and are still continuously expanded and the majority of them can also be used on machines that have already been built and delivered.

When buying such expensive machines, the question always arises of how much money you really have to invest. You don't want to spend too much money, but you don't want to invest so little either that you have to buy again after a short time.
Bei Entwicklung der Xenia wurde die Antwort auf diese Frage zu einem zentralen Punkt gemacht. Man kann die Maschine in einer soliden Basis-Version beziehen und so erst einmal schauen, ob die Möglichkeiten der Maschine nicht schon mehr als nur ausreichend sind. Für die meisten Anwender wird das zutreffen.

But if you still feel like 'more', you can send in the machine and we will retrofit it at the differential price—as if the machine was built that way back then. The prerequisite is: The machine was bought from us and is in good condition.

Updates are carried out via USB cable (instructions in the download area) or later optionally via WLAN.


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