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If someone invests more than a thousand Euros in a machine, he would like to know where it comes from and who manufactured it.

Our history isn’t a long one. We cannot talk about a great-grandfather who designed a special type of machine for the first time 100 years ago, or established a unique coffee brewing tradition. This will forever remain the legacy of manufacturers in Italy.

We know and love the Italian coffee culture, and have had an active interest in the German coffee community for over 20 years. This led to a successful run of online trading and sales of machines from Italy. While importing and distributing, our own image of the ideal machine gradually emerged through much contact with customers and detailed individual consultations.

The idea began to take shape with the first 3D industrial designs. Step by step, and thanks to the dedication of the designers, the first machine was built which included many of the desirable characteristics we had first envisioned. In parallel, we contacted several well-known manufacturers of standard components and bought small quantities of the required parts, and commissioned two other companies with the production of other non-standard parts. Of course it would be ideal to produce every part on our own, but it would take years to reach the same level of perfection some companies strive for. We feel it is better to concentrate on certain core tasks and leave the others to reliable specialists. Our strength is in the development of a consistent concept, assembly of the machines, and technical support offered to our dealers. Concentration on the essentials is one reason why there will be only one machine. Another reason is that a line of products that differ only slightly from one another often confuses end-users. According to our experience, a single well-designed machine is flexible enough to cover the needs of many customers. We are a team of coffee-friendly people with a well-founded concept of a good espresso machine — one we have developed and built with love and commitment. We will wholeheartedly stick to this principle as we feel there are many people who agree with it.


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